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12 - Results, Roadblocks, and Resolutions

Dan makes a discovery about Docker. Steven shares some struggles with scope. We gab about goals, generally.

11 - Almost, But Not Quite, A Videogame Podcast

We talk about Valheim, product planning, product marketing, and potential new products!

10 - The One With Special Guest Lesley Sim!

Lesley Sim of Newsletter Glue joins us today to talk about releasing, product development, marketing, and more!

09 - Customer Lifecycles, Avoiding Amazon, and Nuclear Reactors!

Dan has bad news about Minecraft, but good news about Nodewood. Steven is making great strides on Browse Me Later. A shift in focus for Steven!

08 - The One About Market Segments And Messaging

We're getting sick of staying inside. Steven shares his thoughts about market segments and messaging for Browse Me Later. Dan shares his thoughts about market segments and messaging for Nodewood. We fawn over Derrick Reimer a lil' bit, because he's great about picking market segments and messaging.

07 - How (Not) To Work Through A Coup

How and if you should stay productive during stressful events. Sales from an unlikely source! Slow steps, but steady ones.

06 - Considered and Deliberate

Steven wants to take a more considered and deliberate approach to interacting on the internet. Dan wants to take a more considered and deliberate approach to marketing and building Nodewood. We review our holidays and our plans for the new year.

05 - The One All About Email

Dan is changing up his documentation again. Steven is planning his emails. We spend A LOT of time talking about email.

04 - Bring back webrings!

Steven is seeking feedback on Browse Me Later, but is it too early? Dan is refactoring everything, but is it too much? Can we bring webrings back, pretty please?

03 - If You Haven't Heard About Reddit...

Dan is trying not to burn out while making progress. Steven is trying to get feedback without sounding like he's selling. We spend a lot of time explaining and discussing Reddit, and again wax poetic about the benefits of competing against Google (and other large companies that give their products away for free).

02 - Introducing Browse Me Later

Steven introduces his new product - Browse Me Later. Dan talks about beta plans and complains about Windows.

01 - Birdhouses as a Service

Dan talks about switching to Docker, changing Nodewood's deploy methods, and about updating the Nodewood license. Steven brings us up to speed on consulting, learning about data science and ML/AI, and how to work that into a product. The episode wraps up with a frank discussion about the value you get from rapid iteration of business prototypes versus responsibilities to customers and employees.

Introducing: The Modest Product Podcast

Welcome to the Modest Product Podcast! In this introductory episode, Steven and Dan briefly discuss what a Modest Product means to them.

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