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26 - Jobs, Games, and Spoons

Steven has interesting news about the job search. Dan is making a game! Nobody has enough spoons.

25 - Long-awaited news about kombucha and teams

Steven finally spills the beans about how that crazy kombucha recipe from last episode ended up tasting, Dan celebrates the release of the Teams update for Nodewood, a...

24 - Soapboxes and Bacteria

Dan gets on a soapboax. Steven uses bacteria to make tasty drinks. The recurring theme this week is making sacrifices to hold to your ideals.

23 - Not Everything Has To Be a Side Hustle

This week, we spend most of the episode talking ourselves out of turning hobbies into side hustles, and explore WHY that urge is so strong these days.

22 - Data and Taxes

Two things are sure in life - having a difficult time finding good public data sets for AI analysis, and figuring out how to safely and accurately pay taxes in foreign...

21 - Bill and Ted Talk Politics

A little bit about Steven's and Dan's plans, and a whole lot about The Basecamp Situation.

20 - The Island of Misfit Business Ideas

In the classic Rankin/Bass Christmas special, the Island of Misfit Toys was full of toys that were actually perfect for different girls and boys than originally intend...

19 - Takin' a break

We're taking a short break! As we evaluate new business ideas, we wanted to give those ideas some room to breathe without trying to force them into easily-digestible ...

18 - The change-up!

The format for the show is changing! We still talk about our Modest Products, but this week also features: rye vs bourbon, drastic haircuts, and very screamy metal ba...

17 - Picking Products and Penning Posts

We talk about neat things like how to choose a product and how to write blog posts, and also about terrible things like DST and taxes. Kind of a rollercoaster!

16 - Digging out and digging up

Climate change is dropping snow on Steven and rain on Dan. Dan is having fun finally making progress on I Paid The Most and Steven is having fun finally making progre...

15 - Please don't invest in NFTs.

We rip on NFTs for a bit, talk about a new product for Dan, a new concern for Steven, a new conference for the both of us, and a new take on a new industry trend!

14 - Jerky as a Service

Steven is still on the lookout for good conferences and good ideas. Dan is on the lookout for good customers. A new, delicious product category is briefly discussed.

13 - Lucky Episode 13

In this week's episode, we pine for REAL conferences, share some exciting product developments, lament the loss of a musical icon, and celebrate exciting space news!

12 - Results, Roadblocks, and Resolutions

Dan makes a discovery about Docker. Steven shares some struggles with scope. We gab about goals, generally.

11 - Almost, But Not Quite, A Videogame Podcast

We talk about Valheim, product planning, product marketing, and potential new products!

10 - The One With Special Guest Lesley Sim!

Lesley Sim of Newsletter Glue joins us today to talk about releasing, product development, marketing, and more!

09 - Customer Lifecycles, Avoiding Amazon, and Nuclear Reactors!

Dan has bad news about Minecraft, but good news about Nodewood. Steven is making great strides on Browse Me Later. A shift in focus for Steven!

08 - The One About Market Segments And Messaging

We're getting sick of staying inside. Steven shares his thoughts about market segments and messaging for Browse Me Later. Dan shares his thoughts about market segmen...

07 - How (Not) To Work Through A Coup

How and if you should stay productive during stressful events. Sales from an unlikely source! Slow steps, but steady ones.

06 - Considered and Deliberate

Steven wants to take a more considered and deliberate approach to interacting on the internet. Dan wants to take a more considered and deliberate approach to marketin...

05 - The One All About Email

Dan is changing up his documentation again. Steven is planning his emails. We spend A LOT of time talking about email.

04 - Bring back webrings!

Steven is seeking feedback on Browse Me Later, but is it too early? Dan is refactoring everything, but is it too much? Can we bring webrings back, pretty please?

03 - If You Haven't Heard About Reddit...

Dan is trying not to burn out while making progress. Steven is trying to get feedback without sounding like he's selling. We spend a lot of time explaining and discu...

02 - Introducing Browse Me Later

Steven introduces his new product - Browse Me Later. Dan talks about beta plans and complains about Windows.

01 - Birdhouses as a Service

Dan talks about switching to Docker, changing Nodewood's deploy methods, and about updating the Nodewood license. Steven brings us up to speed on consulting, learning...

Introducing: The Modest Product Podcast

Welcome to the Modest Product Podcast! In this introductory episode, Steven and Dan briefly discuss what a Modest Product means to them.

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