03 - If You Haven't Heard About Reddit...

Dan is trying not to burn out while making progress. Steven is trying to get feedback without sounding like he's selling. We spend a lot of time explaining and discussing Reddit, and again wax poetic about the benefits of competing against Google (and other large companies that give their products away for free).
0:40 - The Benefits of Journaling and Not Burning Out
6:00 - Dealing with Late Nights
9:40 - Finishing up Nodewood Documentation
12:50 - Adding support for Tailwind prefixes & tribulations with Tailwind 2.0
18:10 - Cleaning up Nodewood's rough edges
20:50 - Getting Feedback on Browse Me Later without sounding too "sales-ey"
37:00 - Comparing yourself & pacing yourself
39:30 - The motivation behind Browse Me Later
41:20 - On the merits of frameworks
45:30 - Working on the back-end of Browse Me Later
48:20 - Why have mobile apps?
56:00 - Pricing Browse Me Later
1:01:00 - Competing Against Free
1:05:45 - Sales Safari Workshop

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