09 - Customer Lifecycles, Avoiding Amazon, and Nuclear Reactors!

Dan has bad news about Minecraft, but good news about Nodewood. Steven is making great strides on Browse Me Later. A shift in focus for Steven!
0:45 - Minecraft with nuclear reactors, and Factorio games?
4:45 - Nodewood updates, balanced with new day job.
7:35 - A Nodewood sale, and simple customer lifecycle management.
17:50 - Steven's focus? New landing page complete!  Setting up blog to improve SEO.
20:40 - Tackling email, and a critical AWS SES tip.
23:49 - Is it even possible to avoid Amazon?
26:45 - Contracting is a LOT of work.  Is a full-time job easier to manage while working on a side-project?
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