10 - The One With Special Guest Lesley Sim!

Lesley Sim of Newsletter Glue joins us today to talk about releasing, product development, marketing, and more!
0:30 - Introducing our special guest, Lesley Sim of Newsletter Glue!
4:38 - Talking about Newsletter Glue's pro service launch.
9:16 - How Lesley got started building in the WordPress community.
10:00 - Is modern WordPress better to develop in than it used to be?
18:55 - Balancing a lot of work on a little energy.
21:13 - "So what are you guys doing for marketing?"
24:00 - Post-launch feelings and dealing with The January Blahs.
31:20 - What's next for Newsletter Glue?
34:35 - How paid newsletters are changing the monetization landscape for websites.
39:40 - Inbox as ToDo list.
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