11 - Almost, But Not Quite, A Videogame Podcast

We talk about Valheim, product planning, product marketing, and potential new products!
0:45 - We talk about videogames for a bit, specifically Valheim, where you get to be a viking.
6:45 - Steven wants to make all your decisions for you!
9:00 - Figuring out how to figure out how links should work.
13:55 - Chrome's browser extension development docs need some love.
16:10 - We debate what the primary interaction for Browse Me Later should look like.
20:05 - Nodewood is in open beta!  Now how to market it...?
22:10 - Musing on people who don't want to pay any money at all.
26:00 - Dan spills the beans on what he MIGHT be working on next.
31:34 - Dan spills the beans on what he WON'T be working on next.
36:28 - What's next for Nodewood - probably a lot of SEO, honestly.
39:03 - Maybe app marketplaces are the next big thing?
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