14 - Jerky as a Service

Steven is still on the lookout for good conferences and good ideas. Dan is on the lookout for good customers. A new, delicious product category is briefly discussed.
0:30 - Dan is going very fast!
3:50 - Steven is exploring other ideas, and thoughts on starting with marketing vs. starting with sales.
14:44 - Steven's been going to Gatsbyconf, and what makes for a good virtual conference.
17:05 - Tweetdeck, and how to get the most out of Twitter.
23:00 - Nodewood 0.16.0 is out!  And so is 0.16.1!  There's a story here...
25:15 - You win some, you lose some, and thoughts about how and why to keep in contact with customers to lower churn.
38:40 - Rejected from TinyAds?
41:00 - Tales of home-made jerky, and other wonderful smells.


- Julian Shapiro's tweet about how to cleverly use Twitter
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