15 - Please don't invest in NFTs.

We rip on NFTs for a bit, talk about a new product for Dan, a new concern for Steven, a new conference for the both of us, and a new take on a new industry trend!
0:35 - Dan unveils I Paid The Most!
1:50 - We explain, and then rip on, NFTs
8:40 - The history of I Paid The Most, and how it's being built.
12:13 - What's next for Nodewood, and for Dan?
19:25 - Steven's hitting his stride!
21:15 - Concerns about scaling in AWS and preventing abuse.
30:30 - Steven's plans for an alpha for Browse Me Later.
31:20 - Talking about attending Microconf Remote, and if their latest attempt to make up for in-person socializing will work.
39:55 - Zapier buys MakerPad, and the future of NoCode.
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