17 - Picking Products and Penning Posts

We talk about neat things like how to choose a product and how to write blog posts, and also about terrible things like DST and taxes. Kind of a rollercoaster!
2:30 - Steven's experimenting with AWS AppSync.
6:08 - Oh, God, DST.  Really makes sending Browse Me Later emails at a specific time kinda tricky...
13:30 - We talk about why we haven't written any blog posts in a while and how we plan on fixing that.
15:55 - Microconf Remote!
17:15 - Tax season is upon us again.
19:00 - Dan's just takin 'er easy and trying to dodge burnout.
20:35 - An accidental refund.  =(
22:45 - Dan went on the MegaMaker Jam!  An interesting framework to help pick a product.
27:40 - Twitter Spaces, and on the virtues of audio-only networking.
30:30 - More on picking products.

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- What Should I Build?
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