18 - The change-up!

The format for the show is changing! We still talk about our Modest Products, but this week also features: rye vs bourbon, drastic haircuts, and very screamy metal bands.
0:50 - A change to the format to the show.
6:35 - The merits of rye vs bourbon.
9:00 - Steven talks about potential next steps involving WordPress.
26:10 - Google not prioritizing AMP sites anymore?
31:40 - How to reach your target market?
35:25 - A bet is made about the Ever Given.
36:00 - Steven takes a drastic step.
40:10 - We talk about the brand-new album from Genghis Tron and our... unique music tastes.
48:05  - A few final notes on the new format for the show.
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