01 - Birdhouses as a Service

Dan talks about switching to Docker, changing Nodewood's deploy methods, and about updating the Nodewood license. Steven brings us up to speed on consulting, learning about data science and ML/AI, and how to work that into a product. The episode wraps up with a frank discussion about the value you get from rapid iteration of business prototypes versus responsibilities to customers and employees.
0:10 - Introduction
0:25 - Nodewood feedback about Ansible
3:20 - Talkin' about Docker
7:20 - Production deploy changes
11:10 - License changes
14:25 - Adding a video to the marketing website 
16:10 - Have you considered streaming?
20:00 - Snowstorms and slowdown
20:45 - Swingin' Consulting
22:05 - Data science tools and widening scope
26:00 - Be a profit centre, not a cost centre
28:00 - Anyone who's succeeded has usually failed, spectacularly
29:00 - The pottery thing
32:45 - On how pottery is not quite like business
34:00 - "Oh no, they're going to Jira it all up!" (Said about Trello.)
35:50 - Being responsible to your customers and employees.
37:30 - On knowing when to fold 'em.
38:55 - The value being NOT changing things.
40:30 - A different interpretation of moving fast and breaking things.
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